Food, food, glorious food… we know that during 2020 everybody’s taste for journeys has been a challenge, but as it turned out traveling vicariously via gourmet meals has also been on top of the lists to explore while staying at home. (Hello seven extra pounds!) However, we’re not here today to discuss matters of the belt-size, rather about the maker (or breaker) of every cultivated event. Grab a glass of good vino and a cheese platter if you like,  and follow our journey to Epicurean Cyprus, plus some top insights on what a Cyprus Event Food service should be all about!

Whether you are planning a destination wedding in Cyprus, a Cyprus private affair, a baptism or the most intimate gathering, one of the most important pieces to a perfect event is what lands on your guests’ plates. Eating over our part of the globe is serious business. With the freshest local produce, and a variety of cultural roots (Middle Eastern, Greek, British, Turkish, Italian, and Russian  just to name a few) to influence native gastronomy unique foods have made their way into our locavore, rendering the entire island into one massively Epicurean hub. You can’t claim the title of a bon-vivant, unless you’ve tried Ttavas (chunks of lamb, rice, vegetables and potatoes cooked together in the pot), Kleftiko (smoked, slow-cooked meat flavoured with bay leaves, oregano and red wine), Koubes (torpedo-shaped croquettes infused with Middle Easter spices), Baked Halloumi (mild salty, rubbery cheese) Kolokouthia (courgettes fried together with scrambled eggs and cheese in olive oil) … okay we can go on forever and we bet we’re making you hungry…

You see, Cyprus events, besides the décor, the florals and the venue, are very much about gastronomic selections, and a major part of entertaining beautifully, next to libation and party mode. Food can definitely make your reputation among guests soar and since you might be spending a lot on your catering services, you need to choose the best. We’ve rounded up the qualities that your food catering service should definitely carry.

  1. Your Event food service should provide options for every taste and dietary requirement. Pretty much self-explanatory, not every guest at your events will love sea food or meat. Among your list of guests some may be vegan or wish to abstain from certain foods. If you are having a Jewish wedding in Cyprus you will probably require to cater for kosher meals. If you’re into exploring the native flavours your Event food service should be able to provide for a truly impressive variety, whist understanding your budget and limitations. Needless to say that events held for younger guests require a different pitch as far as cuisine is concerned, without however removing nourishment or playfulness from the picture. And while we are at it here’s an RSVP Events pro-tip: always insert a note to your guests to return with their dietary requirement when they rsvp.
  2. Your Event Food service should be open to tastings. You definitely want the best for your loved ones. It is always a good idea to avoid blunders and schedule a tasting for what is going to be served on your special day. You may wish to add a little extra to the flavours, and you will certainly come to experience the quality the catering company is offering. If a Food service refuses to provide you with a tasting option, especially if your event is a destination wedding then think twice before finalizing anything.
  3. Presentation. There are no alibies in that, financial or other. Well-presented food is not always great food, but great food is always well-presented. Gastronomy in Cyprus is not only about scrumptious meals, but also about nourishment of the soul, sociability and the ritual of communication. How does your caterer present their creations? How do they present open buffets, and food stations? Etiquette and presentation translate as a form of archetypal affection. Yes, these words may be relatively old, but the sentiments are always new to those who attend your event. And remember that a demonstration of food getting prepared, sliced, seasoned and offered (especially for seated dinners) is always a huge plus.
  4. Appearance of the staff. On the same note as above, and although this may sound like a minute detail, how your food service staff dresses, appears, and behaves may have a huge impact on how your guests feel cared for and appreciated. And we are not only speaking of safety masks, gloved waiters and bow-tie baring cooks, but the demeanour and politeness, the ability to oblige upon request, the fastidiousness and agility of a hired food specialist team.
  5. Best at what they do. Not every event caterer specializes in the same array of services. Although a package-offering from a venue to include the cake may seem enticing the result may render itself poor with regards to what is expected. A specialized cake-smith won’t only land you with outrageously beautiful confections, but make certain that the flowers on your cake are edible, or offer you libation suggestions to complement each flavour, they will hold back the sugar if you ask them to but will deliver undeniably good flavour, or pair something salty and sweet in unique ways.
  6. Experience and Creativity go a long way. As one of the leading Cyprus event planner companies, we have had our fair share of experienced crews and creative artisans, food caterers, cake-masters, mixologists and awarded chefs included. Allow us to say creativity and experience are two things essential when vetting out your event catering Cyprus. Not only will they present you with an array of delicious treats and utterly inviting dishes, but they will be able to handle possible issues without affecting the flow of your event planning. At every event creativity and know-how are appreciated the most.

Need some great suggestions on how to locate the best Food Services in Cyprus? We are here for you. Ring or write!