Hello from the RSVP Events Central!

Our very first Journal entry on the new website and we thought of starting with the fundamentals. Today we would like to discuss Cyprus weddings and why you should work with a wedding designer when planning yours.

As Cyprus destination wedding designers and planners we really want to let people know what you can bring to make your nuptials as easy as possible but also how tremendously fun the process can be.

First things first: There is a distinction between a Wedding Designer & a Wedding Planner.

Tying the knot will certainly introduce you to a whole new vocabulary. Words you thought were one thing, suddenly take on an entire different meaning. You see, a wedding coordinator, a wedding planner and a wedding designer are not one and the same. Yes, if you’ve already visited the RSVP Events services page you already know we equally specialize on both but let’s see what a wedding designer actually does.

Wedding Designer (also known as Wedding Stylist) role:

Hiring a Cyprus wedding designer means you pursue pretty. You seek after aesthetics and cultivated styling. A wedding designer will assist you in making all the necessary choices that will begin with your wedding vision and turn into the palpable, actual celebration. That means a curated color-scheme (plus coordinating hues), the design of your florals (which ones to choose according to the feel of your event, the season, the palette, the theme, the nuances you wish to evoke), your lighting design (why choose this kind of lighting over another, the budget required for a curio light shade, lanterns vs. candles), your linens and choice of fabrics, the furnishings (from pews to seating and from arch to bars, tables, stations, and carts), your invitation suites and attire, the atmosphere and the experiences your guests will enjoy most, as well as the cocktails, the signage, and the gifts you opt for. To get a truly cohesive, sophisticated and stylish look, you need a designer with a keen eye for details, one who understands interior and exterior architecture, a rare talent that combines artistic flair with actual know-how. A wedding designer will conceptualize your event and be able to build even from scratch on an open field.

Why work with a wedding designer in Cyprus.

Our island is vast and multifaceted. It’s riddled with multiple layers of civilizations who left their architectural and cultural imprint on each location, which means diverse vistas, different yet compelling venues, and utterly distinct style per region. A wedding designer in Cyprus won’t only be an expert who helps you pick linens and flatware, but one who will guide you into understanding what fits your wedding vision best, and create your concept based on your needs for aesthetic beauty, based on historical, ambient, cultural, personal and architectural references. They will be familiar with the locales and their special traits, the light and weather variations (let us say here that the light which is a major factor for your wedding photography results is definitely not shy in Cyprus and can be quite unforgiving in some areas during the day). A wedding designer will also oversee your décor budget and channel the ideal vendors your way, source specialty props and equipment, but also identify potential style hazards. They will devise a layout and create detailed floor plans and ensure all of the elements are in place on-site on the big day. That also means, a million wedding style ideas narrowed down to one, and a thousand ways to execute it down to a singular and effective style.

Vet your Cyprus wedding professionals

While most wedding professionals are already part of an organization, an association or a wedding industry hub, that hardly qualifies as an indicator of experience, and years of planning a wedding in Cyprus hardly means years of experience in wedding design. Talent speaks for itself in the actual works portrayed in your wedding professionals’ material and the same goes for their ability to share their vision, their way of illustrating their expertise even from your first Skype call or email reach out with them. Politely ask the wedding designer you are considering for references, and find out more about how they work on their website Portfolio and Testimonials.